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This is the true and romantic story of how our beautiful guest house, the Riad Darif, was born. It is named the Riad Darif now, after the present-day owners, but back in the 17th century, when they were built, there were two houses, separated by a dividing wall. In one house there lived the Darif family and their neighbours were the Lahlou family. This is not a Romeo and Juliet-style story, as the two families were close friends and the romance does not end in tragedy.

The eldest son of the Darif family couldn’t help but fall in love with the daughter of Lahlou’s family, as they had grown up together since they were children and talked and laughed with each other all the time over their adjoining rooftop terraces. Of course, the children’s two families were not blind to what was going on but they approved of the blossoming relationship and decided, with all parties happily deciding to arrange the marriage of the two young sweethearts.

The Darif family decided that the bride should come and live with the groom even though there was only one wall separating the two houses, but the bride’s father, Mr. Lahlou had a better idea; to knock down the dividing wall separating the two houses and live as one big happy family. Mr. Lahou suggested this both because he was very attached to his daughter and because his house was the larger dwelling with bigger available rooms for the newlyweds to make their new life together. And they lived happily ever after.

The years, decades, and centuries went by until finally, the Lahlou family decided to move to a different town since most of their kids worked there, so the Darifs took the opportunity to buy out the Lahlou’s share of the house and turn it into a guest house. With loving care, they turned it into the gorgeous series of rooms that are available for guests to enjoy today.


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